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Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage A Design Film Festival Singapore
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Artivist Designer, Matt Legrand speaks on the possibility that design has for both the visual and real world.


We can do more than design how the world looks; We can design how the world operates.




Matt calls himself a designer and in three extraordinarily compact minutes, he explains the various levels of what "design" actually means. Visually layered in representation, Matt's explanation makes connections to the inner and outer world that most of us have never thought of.


Solutionism is the belief that together, humanity can solve anything. By harnessing the power of design, we're able to generate lasting, positive change and transformation.

Creator Profiles

Ever since creating his first successful web development startup at the age of twelve, Matt Legrand has focused on using design as a method of problem solving and understanding through visual language. He has also founded Form & Construct, a transformative, multidisciplinary design consultancy with an emphasis on social change. Their projects tackle social, environmental, and educational design problems.

Seeing the corruption and ill will of this world to be the systemic, but truly personal, barriers that disallow love to function sustainably, Hsiao-Yen aims to create films that question paradigms and delve bellow cultural normativity in order to leave catalytic questions rather than simple answers in the hearts and minds of the individuals who view her films. Having no greater passion than helping others, and no greater joy than the artistic depth of film, her dream is to know that she dedicated all that she had to melding and developing those dually essential parts of her life to live beyond it.