A design documentary

Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage A Design Film Festival Singapore


Visually layered in representation, Designer Matt Legrand explains how harnessing the power of design can generate lasting, positive change and transformation in our individual lives and in our collective world.

Matt calls himself a designer and in a few extraordinarily compact minutes he explains the various levels of what "design" actually means. Cinematographer Hsiao-Yen Jones constructs a striking, visually layered representation of Matt's explanation and makes connections to the inner and outer world that most of us have never thought of. The passing of the film is exhilarating and makes deep linkages between cognitive thinking and the role design plays in the integration of the visual, cultural and political world.



  • Selection of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage
  • Selection of the 2013 Zeitgeist Media Festival
  • Selection of the 2013 International Freethought Film Festival
  • Selection of the 2013 NoGloss Film Festival
  • Selection of the 2013 Milan Design Film Festival
  • Selection of A Design Film Festival Singapore 2013
  • Selection of the 2013 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival
  • Selection of the 13th Annual Emerson Film Festival
  • Awarded the Marcia Robbins Wolf Women in Film Production Award